Cyber Security Lecture 1 What is Cyber Space | Cyber security Course in Hindi

Lecture 1 What is Cyber Space | Cyber security Course in Hindi

Lecture 1 What is Cyber Space | Cyber security Course in Hindi post thumbnail image

Lecture 1 What is Cyber Space | Cyber security Course in Hindi

Cyberspace refers to the virtual computer world, and more specifically, an electronic medium that is used to facilitate online communication. Cyberspace typically involves a large computer network made up of many worldwide computer sub networks that employ TCP/IP protocol to aid in communication and data exchange activities.

Cyberspace allows users to share information, interact, swap ideas, play games, engage in discussions or social forums, conduct business and create intuitive media, among many other activities.

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The term cyberspace was initially introduced by William Gibson in his 1984 book, Necromancer. Gibson criticized the term in later years, calling it “evocative and essentially meaningless.” Nevertheless, the term is still widely used to describe any facility or feature that is linked to the Internet. People use the term to describe all sorts of virtual interfaces that create digital realities.

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One way to talk about cyberspace is related to the use of the global Internet for diverse purposes, from commerce to entertainment. Wherever stakeholders set up virtual meeting spaces, we see the cyberspace existing. Wherever the Internet is used, you could say, that creates a cyberspace. The prolific use of both desktop computers and smartphones to access the Internet means that, in a practical (yet somewhat theoretical) sense, the cyberspace is growing.

Another prime example of cyberspace is the online gaming platforms advertised as massive online player ecosystems. These large communities, playing all together, create their own cyberspace worlds that exist only in the digital realm, and not in the physical world, sometimes nicknamed the “meatspace.”

To really consider what cyberspace means and what it is, consider what happens when thousands of people, who may have gathered together in physical rooms in the past to play a game, do it instead by each looking into a device from remote locations. As gaming operators dress up the interface to make it attractive and appealing, they are, in a sense, bringing interior design to the cyberspace.

In fact, gaming as an example, as well as streaming video, shows what our societies have largely chosen to do with the cyberspace as a whole. According to many IT specialists and experts, including F. Randall Farmer and Chip Morningstar, cyberspace has gained popularity as a medium for social interaction, rather than its technical execution and implementation. This sheds light on how societies have chosen to create cyberspace.

Threat to Cyber Space

While the cyberspace is being governed by the IT Act, cyber-attacks are becoming more prevalent by the day. One of the most common forms of attack is social media extortion wherein perpetrators make fake accounts, upload pictures of someone completely different and then send across messages to other accounts demanding money.

Other forms of cyber-attack include lottery frauds, movie piracy, unethical hacking, malware created to infect systems

These cyber-attacks and other forms of cyber crimes pose a serious threat to the Indian cyberspace. While the IT Act works to combat these crimes, the legislation isn’t enough to stand on its own to face these ever-growing problems. With a rise in the technological era in India, we see the rise in cyber crimes too.

These stations have investigation cells and monitoring cells dedicated to fighting cybercrime. These cyber stations are equipped with forensic analysis tools, imaging and other stations as required. However, there is no special equipment provided to these stations that may enhance computer security.

Thus, while the scope of the Act is expanded at large, it is important to provide individual attention to the cyber-crimes that are currently growing at a rapid rate and evolving as new technology arrives. It is unclear whether the enactment of specific legislation to combat these crimes individually would actually help make the situation better, however, it is truly necessary that more attention is paid to these cyber-crimes today.


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