Project Management How To 10X Your Roofing Business | Roofing CRM Tips For Growth

How To 10X Your Roofing Business | Roofing CRM Tips For Growth

How To 10X Your Roofing Business | Roofing CRM Tips For Growth post thumbnail image

Boost Your Success: Roofing CRM Tips for Growth

Learn how to boost your success in the roofing industry with these CRM tips for growth! Discover the key strategies to implement in order to help your team work more efficiently and increase profits. Don’t miss out on this valuable advice – subscribe now for more business growth tips!

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In this episode of Construction Tech Talk, host Nick Peret & @betterboss, welcome special guest Randy Brothers, a recognized visionary in the roofing industry and founder of @theroofingacademy & @Eliteroofingcolorado303 delve into strategies for roofing companies to achieve sustainable growth. The conversation covers Randy’s journey from facing challenges in the construction and roofing sector to becoming a leading figure helping others scale their businesses.

Key topics include the importance of adopting technology, with detailed discussions on tools like @JobNimbusCRM, @sumoquote and other roofing proposal software that have been game-changers in improving operations, sales, and efficiency.

Randy shares his experiences with roofing CRM software, his approach to roofing sales, and how roofing estimating software contributes to precision and client satisfaction. The episode is packed with roofing insights and practical advice for roofing companies looking to leverage technology to streamline their workflow, from job takeoff to proposal submissions.

Listeners will gain valuable knowledge on building a tech-savvy, efficient, and profitable roofing business.

Are you ready to transform your roofing business into a multi-million dollar enterprise? Visit The Roofing Academy today! With Randy’s comprehensive online training and coaching, you’ll learn from a proven business model that has propelled them to the top of the industry. Experience the growth and success that many others have achieved through their guidance. Click the link in the description below to start your journey with The Roofing Academy and build your successful roofing company today!


Before we sign off, a quick word about Better Boss-our own venture into elevating the construction industry. At Better Boss, we’re passionate about harnessing technology to streamline your business operations, from sales and estimating to project management and beyond. Our goal is to not just improve your job finances and customer experiences but to transform your business into a model of efficiency and innovation.

Discover how Better Boss can make a difference for you at

Join us next time as we continue to explore the innovations shaping our industry, helping you build smarter, faster, and with greater confidence. I’m Nick Peret, thanking you for tuning in, and reminding you that in the world of construction, you’re not just building structures; you’re building the future.

This is Construction Tech Talk – Signing off, until next time.


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