Scrum Master Quasi Roadmap Review Lightning Talk 1181 #5amMesterScrum LIVE #scrum #agile

Quasi Roadmap Review Lightning Talk 1181 #5amMesterScrum LIVE #scrum #agile

Quasi Roadmap Review Lightning Talk 1181 #5amMesterScrum LIVE #scrum #agile post thumbnail image

#5amMesterScrum Lightning Talk 1,181 Live – Sharing Quasi Roadmap at Reviews don’t loose the Opportunity (3R Thursdays) – Today’s topics: (1) So many teams miss out on the opportunity to share quasi Roadmaps at Sprint Reviews. The sad part it is a chance to get feed back from customers on what is up next for the team and look for an priority changes that could be made before Sprint Planning. Plus it can be reused at Sprint Planning if done right.

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5am Mester Scrum Lightning Talk 1,181 went live on Youtube, LinkedIn and Facebook 3R (Requirements, Reviews, Retros) Thursday 4/18/2024 from Philadelphia, PA

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