SEO SEO Testimonial from Kelly Broderick

SEO Testimonial from Kelly Broderick

SEO Testimonial from Kelly Broderick post thumbnail image

Welcome to Surround Sound SEO (formerly ThemeZoom NE SEO from 2005-2014).

Updated for 2022! Contact us at:


Russell M Wright’s early version of Surround Sound SEO was called ‘The One Web Ring SEO System’ and was first taught to Live Certification students in 2012 – 2013. Here are vintage SEO videos from that time period:

Russell’s friend and mentor, Jimmy Kelley of Jimmy Kelley Digital, significantly enhanced the SEO effectiveness of the One Web Ring System in late 2013. By 2022 an actual ‘Surround Sound SEO’ system has been completed and is available at different levels by invitation only. Here is Jimmy’s Linkedin page:

Russell Wright would also like to thank Daryl Osborne and Sue Bell for their significant contributions to the development and improvement of the One Web Ring SEO system, with Sue Bell as an early innovator and CEO while Daryl Osborne provided ongoing Entity SEO optimization in collaboration with Jimmy Kelley Digital. Here are both of their LinkedIn pages:

Russell Wright’s Live SEO Certification Training discussed in the video above was mothballed in 2014. The Semrush Surround SEO tool is now a crucial SEO tool we use in our client’s surround sound SEO strategy. You can find out about it here:

Surround Sound SEO is a company founded on the principles of Surround Sound SEO, Search Reputation Management (SRM), and Surround Sound Marketing.

We want to thank ALL thought leaders and contributors. The ‘Meme’ of Surround Sound Marketing was first discussed by Alex Birkett of Hubspot, Chris Dickey of, Sergey Maximov, Brian Moseley, Alisa Meredith of Semrush, and Patrick Herbert of Singularity Digital.


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